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We highly recommend East Coast Dormer company for many reasons:

Scott and his staff are prompt and professional people. Scott knows what he is doing, he started with the plans and had them ready within a week. All the permit process was done by the company very fast.

When we met with Scott for the first time, he said we can install the second floor in a few hours and you will have electricity and use of the bathrooms in a couple of days. I did not believe that, but it was exactly what they did! We were living on the second floor a couple of weeks after it was installed.

It has been 4 years since they did the dormer. I noticed that our daughter’s room was colder than our room. We did not understand why if the second floor is brand new. We called Scott and told him about what was going on. He came immediately, found the problem and fixed it. It is hard to find a company that does everything in a short period of time and that you can trust. They did a beautiful job. We love the way they did our house.

Thank you Scott!

Orlando and Flor

Let me start off by saying, this is the first review I’ve ever written.  We recently hired East Coast Dormer to put a modular extension on our ranch style home.  Scott Boerckel, the owner, and his crew made it easy for us to live in the house during the renovations.  We were in complete amazement at how awesome this whole modular extension process is done!  Scott was so hands on during the entire process.  He worked endlessly to make our house exactly how we wanted it to be.  We really couldn’t believe how Scott orchestrated all the many details required for such a job!  There were about 25 people, working like a well oiled machine together, on the third day, when our extension was put on.  It was truly amazing to watch!  Each day Scott and his contractors worked tirelessly until our house was complete.  We also did a bit of remodeling on the first floor, which Scott helped us design easily.  In closing, I would highly recommend East Coast Dormer to do any modular remodeling.  I honestly wouldn’t want to do a modular extension without Scott running the show!

J. and S. Jones

What an incredible experience from start to finish.  For years we dreamed of the day when we could afford to turn our home into our dream home, and that’s exactly what Scott did for us.  The process was easy and we were excited to sit with Scott planning, designing, and choosing everything from how we wanted our layout to look to deciding on colors and materials.  We combined our ideas with Scott’s design ideas and he returned with amazing color renderings of our soon to be home.  We went back and forth a few times altering our plans to fit our taste and finances.  Scott even accommodated any of my last minute requests or changes, and just said it’s my house, he wants me to be happy with my final decision.  The day came that our modular was delivered by two flatbed trucks.  It was truly amazing to look through the windows of our dormer on street level.

We were amazed and in awe with the whole experience, from the moment the crane came to when they air lifted our dormer to being actually allowed to walk around in our new home.  Which I may add was only a few hours!  Skipping the whole stick building experience, watching a house slowly come to shape was something we did not miss!  I can honestly say be far, it was so surreal!  One minute we’re looking at the sky through our open roof, next minute we’re standing in our new finished bedroom!  The days following, Scott’s team was there every day, all day, until everything was completed.  Never once did I have to ask when they were coming back to finish the job like most contractors do to you.  The finishing work was quick and so neat too.  They never left the day without sweeping up and vacuuming.  Our overall experience with Scott and East Coast Dormer was simply a pleasurable experience and we highly recommend them.  Their professionalism and expertise is like no other.  If you’re considering adding a dormer, definitely make a stop by East Coast Dormer and let Scott design your dream home too!

J. and F. Alvite

I write this letter on the 2-year anniversary of our second-floor additional being attached to our house (better late than never, right?  Sorry!)  In short, I would like to say that we are so glad we made the decision to build our second floor with the modular addition.  Sitting here, on the other side of that construction process, I have much to write about positively.  Through the design and bureaucratic process took us a long time, our actual construction phase lasted for about 4 months, and only that long because I am including all additional work (our new front porch).  We had a second floor installed within one week of beginning the construction, and we were able to make livable use of that space in less than two months.  With two very young children, we would not have survived the traditional construction process, I got exactly what I wanted (3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms) in an incredibly quick turnaround time because most of the work happened before it reached our home.  Furthermore, it is a solid financial investment.  I could have chosen to move my family to a different home that needed work, or I could have paid the teensiest bit less to wait months longer for construction to finish.  We have absolutely raised the value of our house, added curb appeal to our property, and have created a home that our family can actually live in because of the massive space additions.  I cannot believe that this house used to be a one bedroom cape and how has the space that it does.  It is not the same house, and I love it!

The men who actively did the work to our house on a daily basis were wonderful.  They were efficient, paid attention to detail, kind, and always cleaned up at the day’s end.  I’d like to pay a particular shout out to one of the men who just always went above and beyond.  The reality is that there have been times with other companies who did other work on our home that left me unsatisfied (or even feeling unsafe) and that was absolutely never the case with East Coast Dormer.  I don’t need to worry about the quality of the construction.  I remember holding my breath during the first major storm after the modular additional was complete, because I worried that it might just blow over.  Obviously, that was unwarranted.  Ultimately, we can (and do) recommend East Coast Dormer to anyone looking to make an addition to their home.  We are truly satisfied with our decision to work with them, and we are proud of this home.  Thank you for all of your hard work to make this a beautiful space in which we can raise our children!

N. and J. Moskal

Attention: Scott & Staff:
Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at East Coast Dormer for all their hard work, service and patience. Part of the nature of the construction industry is trying to keep the scheduling and with weather delays, material delays or just the client adding additional work, no one should expect a strict schedule. But East Coast ran a tight ship and what we also did receive was expertise, knowledge and compassion. I greatly appreciate all the care your office provided me as a client and I would gladly be listed as a reference for potential clients who may need assurance that East Coast Dormer offers a quality product and work force and what I believe to be outstanding customer service. Thank you!

Debra H.

Dear Scott and Crew:
Our dormer is now complete and our home is absolutely gorgeous!

We are amazed how you could work so accurately and fast and still pay special attention to detail. The quality of work and service has been outstanding from the very beginning. Your sales and support staff, architect, construction workers and subcontractors are professional and the nicest, fun people we ever worked with. Every step of the way we were kept up on all phases of planning and execution. The job ran so smoothly and should be a testament to the quality of work and service East Coast Dormer provides.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and a beautiful new home! It has been a pleasure working with everyone!

Brian and Alison W.

To Whom It May Concern:
It has been a year and a half since our dormer was put on. We could not be happier with the results of our “new home”. It has made such a difference having so much more space without having to move. We first found East Coast through a friend. When we saw their home, we were absolutely shocked. Not only was it beautiful, but it was complete and ready to be lived in, in just 3 short weeks. We immediately knew this was the way we had to do it. Our dormer was put up Oct. 19th and we were totally moved in before Thanksgiving weekend!
They built us a beautiful home that we will enjoy for many, many years to come. I would highly recommend East Coast to anyone who is thinking about extending their home

Liz and Tim T.


10 Steps to an East Coast Dormer Modular Addition:

  • Define your needs and desires and set a realistic budget.
  • Meet with an East Coast Dormer design specialist.
  • ECD will measure your existing house.
  • ECD will draw preliminary floor plans and elevations.
  • ECD will estimate the price and revise plans.
  • ECD will draw the full set of required Construction Plans.
  • ECD will file proposed building plans and get a construction permit.
  • Have the factory build the addition.
  • Install and finish the modular addition.
  • ECD will schedule your final inspection to facilitate issuance of your certificate of occupancy.